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Qibla Compass Minimal
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Qibla Compass Minimal

A qibla compass that just shows the direction of Qibla.
* Minimal user interface for qibla compass.
* Optimizes the user location with combination of last known location and network location.
* Can be used indoors as well, because it can fetch the location from network also.
* Unlike other qibla compass apps, Qibla Compass Minimal has no unwanted setting to waste time.

- The app requires a device with Compass Sensor.
- Before using the app, please calibrate the phone sensors using the figure 8 motion in 3 axis to get correct results.
- Keep your phone in a horizontal position in parallel to the Earth's surface.
- If your device has no Compass Sensor, then the arrow will not appear on the screen.

Supports messages in following languages:
* German
* Spanish
* French
* Hungarian
* Indonesian
* Malay
* Dutch
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Swedish

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