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Deaf-Blind Communicator
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Deaf-Blind Communicator

Deaf-Blind Communicator provides the opportunity to people with disabilities, particularly blind, deaf, both blind and deaf and to people with limited vision or hearing, to communicate among themselves as well as with their fellow human beings.

Deaf Mode Features
✓ Convert Speech to Text
✓ Convert Text to Speech
✓ List of common words/phrases for easy/fast input
✓ Sign Language Dictionary

Blind Mode Features
✓ Phone call using voice commands
✓ Send SMS using voice commands
✓ Dictation of incoming messages
✓ Current Address Button
✓ SOS Button (used in emergency situations to seek help)

Deaf-Blind Mode Features
✓ Writing words/phrases through taps
✓ Select contact
✓ Send SMS
✓ Convert Text to Speech
✓ Convert incoming messages to vibration sequences
✓ SOS function (used in emergency situations to seek help)

For more details on how to use this Application you can see the User Manual here:

In order for Text-to-speech component to work, the device must have the TTS Extended Service app by Eyes-Free Project installed. You can download this from

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