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Blind Communicator

OpenSource launcher for blind people for using smartphones and tablets. The launcher has a voice guide that tells the user everything that it's happening in the device (screen off/on, screen rotation, incoming call, etc.). This launcher is compatible with TalkBack.

The app allows the user:
- Listen to music
- Use a voice recorder
- Send and receive SMS
- Receive and make calls
- Create and delete alarms
- Create and delete contacts
- Browse the web with Google engine as an a starting point

How to use it:
1) Slide up and down to browse the menus
2) Slide right to select an option

How can i type a message? You have four ways available:
- Use your device keyboard
- Use the voice recognition system with up to 10 possible interpretations to select from (may require Internet).
- Use the touchscreen and slide up and down through characters and symbols and slide right to input the selected character.
- Use the traditional software keyboard with TalkBack activated.

How to manage a call:
- Slide up to answer the call
- Slide down to end the call

TO UNINSTALL: Go to Settings/System Settings/Applications/Blind Communicator/Uninstall

NOTE 1: In Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, you have to set the way you want to answer a call by going to Settings/Accessibility/Answering/ending calls.

NOTE 2: If you have a device with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher, you must set Blind Communicator as your App for messages. To do so, you must go to Settings/Default applications/Messages and then select Blind Communicator from the list. Also, you will need a TTS software installed in your device in order to this App to work. You can install, for example, Google TTS for free at

Translator (italian): Sofia Spoltore

Translator (portuguese): Gilberto Ferreira

Translator (french): Gustavo Ferreyra

Translator (russian): Xenia Sergejew

Translator (german): Liliana Anzaudo

Project Source Code:

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