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Color Blind Tester

Simple & easy to use
Color Blind Tester Try this app and see if you may be color bind. This app is based on the Ishihara Color Test. This app is intended for informational purposes.
this colorblind app is very simple to use, and one of the best Features is colorblind vision also the amazing design eye test, color Blindness Contains additionally This test was created by the RedNiz team to assist in the correct recommendation of color enhancing eyewear products, the color blind tester test uses the principles of color vision science to measure the type and extent of color vision deficiency, extract Color blindness helps to identify color deficiency, reveals red, green or blue or orange color blindness or any kind of color vision weakness. This Color blindness Test includes Ishihara Color Vision Test, Farnsworth D-15 Dichotomous Color blindness Test, and the viral Color Cube game
color blind tester is a completely free application which will make out very easily if you are color-blind (colorblind). Don't doubt anymore and take this test which will last only a few seconds! (100% harmless).

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