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The commissioning assistant (aka Inbetriebnahme-Helfer) is an easy-to-use tool for commissioning and maintenance personnel from the field of measurement and control technology.

The following unit signals / scales can be used for calculations of measuring circuits:
"0 ... 20 mA", "0 ... 25 mA", "4 ... 20 mA", "20 ... 0 mA", "20 ... 4 mA"
"0 ... 2 volts", "0 ... 5 volts", "1 ... 5 volts", "0 ... 10 volts",
"2 ... 10 volts", "-1 ... +1 volts", "-2.5 ... +2.5 volts", "-10 ... +10 volts",
"-10000 ... +10000", "0 ... 4095 digit", "819 ... 4095 digit",
"0 ... 65535 digit", "13107 ... 65535 digit", "3 ... 15 psi", "0 ... 100%"
It is possible to calculate the resulting signal value from a measured value or the measured value from a signal value.
If "Signal" has been selected for the calculation, a table is displayed which lists all corresponding values in 25% increments in order to be able to check and specify the measuring distance using a calibrator.

The following nickel resistance thermometers, platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouples can be used for calculations of temperature measurements:
"Ni100", "Ni1000 DIN43760", "Ni1000 TK5000", "Ni1000 TK6180",
"Pt10", "Pt25", "Pt50", "Pt75", "Pt100", "Pt500", "Pt1000"
"Type B (Pt30Rh-Pt6Rh)", "Type C (W5-W26Re)", "Type D (W3-W25Re)",
"Type E (NiCr-CuNi)", "Type J (Fe-CuNi)", "Type K (Ni-CrNi)",
"Type L (FeCu-Ni)", "Type M (NiMo-NiCo)", "Type N (NiCrSi-NiSi)",
"Type P (PdPtAu-AuPd)", "Type R (Pt13Rh-Pt)", "Type S (Pt10Rh-Pt)",
"Type T (Cu-CuNi)"))
The temperature and resistance values ??or the temperature and thermal voltage can be calculated alternately.
For the calculation of temperature measurements with thermocouples (except type B), the reference junction temperature can be in fixed steps or free in the range of -50 ... +100 ° C / 223.15 ... 373.15 K / -58 ... 212 ° F / 401.67 ... 671.67 ° Ra / -40 ... 80 ° Ré are entered.
The following temperature units can be used for the calculations:
"Celsius [° C]" "Fahrenheit [° F]", "Kelvin [K]", "Rankine [° Ra]", "Réaumur [° Ré]"

So if you just have to calculate a signal value from a measured value or vice versa, this can be done with the commissioning assistant quite quickly and easily.

Important NOTE; All information is provided without warranty!

* The commissioning helper is free of charge, absolutely free of advertising, does not collect any data, needs no internet and no special permissions!

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