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Talk to Deaf People
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Talk to Deaf People

Talk to Deaf People is an free application that (Multi language) for deaf people, allowing a deaf people to communicate with a hearing people.
This application consists of a chat (written text) option which converts written text into audio so that it can be listened from normal people (hearing people). Deaf people can write and normal people can listen.
In the other hand it also converts audio to text that deaf people can read and understand easily what normal people want to say. Normal people can say and deaf people can read. In this time user must have an internet connection.
The app consists of two parts:
*Speak: Deaf people can write in a text field what he/she want to say and press to the 'Speak' button. Then normal people can listen what deaf people want to say. Text to speech (TTS) technology used here that provided by Google.
*Listen: Normal people first press to the 'Listen' button then say what he/she want to say. Then it's convert to text and deaf people read and easily understand what normal people want to say. Voice Recognition technology used here that provided by Google.

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