100+ Beautiful Azan Sounds & Adhan Ringtones 2019 icon

100+ Beautiful Azan Sounds & Adhan Ringtones 2019
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100+ Beautiful Azan Sounds & Adhan Ringtones 2019

100+ Beautiful Azan Sounds & Adhan Ringtones 2019

Athan alarm & Athan free download & Athan ramadan 2019 prayer time azan quran dua mp3, your new muslim App!

Call to prayer, also called Adan, Azan, Adhan 2019 and Ezan is our new Athan App that contains the latest Islamic ringtone, Best Adan sound mp3 of the best Islamic countries (athan Malaysia & singapore, Athan bilal, saudi arabia ,athan ramadan Morocco, athan makkah and medina without forgetting Al Aqsa - Jerusalem - and Adane al Masjid Nabawi: The best wonderful azan audio from all over the world.

An amazing athan muslim sounds from athan prayer time & muslim athan 2019 !
Enjoy adhan mp3 offline & athan sounds (hd and offline)

Beautiful Islamic azan (Athan azan & azaan) mp3 free Athan download from the best azan timeto be athan reminder or alarm & athan ringtone.

Several Athan sounds and salat time "Awkat salat and Adan salat" in Mp3 format are waiting for you, that you can put as ringtone or Adhan awakening “azan clock &azan alarm ” for the prayer times and especially for the FAJR (Fajr prayer).

Create your own list of athan salat e “Full azan mp3 download” thanks to our Athan pro and fascinating Adhan voices of the best Imams and muezzins in the world: Mishari Bin Rashid Afasy & sudais, Dgrira Hamad, Abdul Majid Asserehi Abdul Rahman Rahimi, Mohammed Lehaidan....

Enjoy the most amazing islamic clock with muslim call to prayer or al adan; athan download and create your own list to be a reminder for you any time: subuh, dhuhr prayer (zuhr), asar, isha and all other islamic prayer.

Azan words in Arabic for adhan and prayer time:

Allah'u Akbar .(twice)
Allah'u Akbar.(twice)
Ash'hado ana la illa ila Allah.(twice)
Ash'hado ana Mohammad'n rasool Allah.(twice)
Haiya al'a al salah.(twice)
Haiya al'a al falah.(twice)
Allah'u Akbar.(twice)

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