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Super Volume Amplifier - Nuts Volume Booster
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Super Volume Amplifier - Nuts Volume Booster

If your phone's default volume is not enough for you, then you must try this Nuts Volume Booster!
Our Nuts volume booster highlights its simplicity. To guarantee that using our volume booster without obstacle. It is designed to be very easy to operate with a neat user interface.
Whether you need it to listen to music, watch videos or movies, play games, this Volume Booster will work for you.

- Set volume to a certain level, specific choice, and manual adjustment
- Max super volume amplifier, boost volume up to 200%
- Techno style design, 3 types of themes
- Select any of your music players to boost your music
- Boost any sound from your phone speaker ( except for the phone calls)
- Easy to adjust, volume boost slider, or 30% 60% 100% max button
- Integrated control, music playing play/pause/next/previous song
- Follow your music, side rotating lightning
- Control vibration to feel the power of the sound
- Effectively boost sound for media-sound such as music, video, and game

Notice: don't use it for too long for your ears' sake

Whether you are a novice or a professional in using the voice booster app, this booster will help amplify sound easily and quickly with just one click. Choose this sound enhancer volume booster and boom your sound louder!

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