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Screen Recorder, Game&Video Recorder-Nuts Recorder

Nuts Screen Recorder can help you capture smooth screen videos easily. Whenever you come across an amazing moment like breathtaking hits in games, shots in a football match, brilliant dance show... Screen recorder will capture everything that's displayed on your screen.

Features of Nuts Screen Recorder:
- Easy operation, simple interface : ensure that every user knows how to use
- Support suspend recording: suspend the recording when you need to
- Set bit rate: the higher the bit rate, the clearer screen recordings you get
- Set FPS (frames per second): the higher the FPS, the smoother your recordings
- Record games or videos with audio : use microphone to record sound
- Capture screen in a considerate way: Record without time limit and watermarks
- Love sharing: fast to share with your friends, or post it to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter...
- Prepare your record: countdown before start
- Easy to stop recording: shake your phone to stop
- Record in different orientation: landscape and portrait

Use our screen recorder to better record and save your fun and memory. If you are a game lover, you'd better record your game glories and capture the joyful moment in the game with our Screen Recorder. If you usually collect videos and love to share them, you can now use our screen recorder to capture the things you like.

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