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Do you want to gain more subscribers and increase views on your youtube channel? Do you want to gain more followers on short videos app like Moj, MX Takatak, Whatsapp Status, tumblr and tiktok? Do you want to grow your Social media platforms with Animated Video Posts??

Don’t worry, PixelFlow App helps creating a professional looking intro video, social media video post, animated social media posts, clips or text on video animation for your Youtube Channel, Gaming Streams or Social Media platforms just in minutes and that too without learning or you being proficient in complex computer softwares. It is a right solution to edit text on video animations, short video post and making intro videos. It has well designed high-quality templates which are easily customizable with all types of backgrounds, fonts and music.

Key Features
- 200+ Well Designed Computer Class Pre Made Templates Categorized in Minimal Design, Technology, Gaming intros, Celebration & Greetings, Solid, Gradients and many more
- 25+ Awesome Raw Templates
- Customization of Text Size, Colour & Position
- 2000+ Fantastic Fonts
- 15+ Dynamic Backgrounds. This is a unique background type called Dynamic backgrounds. This type of backgrounds can be modified to your desired brand colour combinations. All Dynamic backgrounds are Abstract backgrounds which is perfect for the 2d Text animation.
- 1000+ Video Backgrounds. Built-In Video library with all type of high-quality videos
- 5000+ Image Backgrounds. Built-In Image library with all type of high-quality images
- 350+ Premade Gradient Backgrounds
- Custom Solid Colour Backgrounds

This app can be used by the Video Content Creator and Animation Creator on YouTube and short video apps like MX Takatak, Moj, tiktok, Whatsapp Status, and other social media platforms. It’s very easy and handy for Professional graphic designers on Kinemaster, Quik, Pixlr. Social media influencers use it as an Facebook Ad maker, YouTube, Whatsapp status video post, Facebook Video Post maker to create video post intros, clips and Title animations within a few minutes.

PixelFlow is generally used as a Text on video Animation Maker or as an Intro Maker or as Social Media Video Post Maker to edit video post and title animation

PixelFlow is a very simple app with a Beautiful and Clean User Interface. It also has great Seamless User Experience. Just follow these 5 steps

1) Select the Premade Template or Raw Template
2) Edit the text and customize fonts, colour, size & position in Foreground Tab
3) Select the background of your choice in the Background Tab
4) Add your favourite music in Music Tab
5) Play to confirm the final video and Export the video

If you want to cut or merge your video animation made for MX Takatak, Moj, Whatsapp status video post, Facebook video post or YouTube from PixelFlow, then you can use other apps like Kinemaster, Quik, pixlr etc.

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