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Accessible Memory

Memory game that can be played touching the screen or using switches. Suitable for persons with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.
Main features:
• Use the included sets of images or create your own ones.
• Search and use pictograms from Arasaac catalogue
• Update the number of cards displayed in the board
• Optional sound effects to reinforce user interaction
• Optional voice feedback to inform the user about the result of its actions
• Works touching the screen or using "switch access"

For playing with switches (accessibility), we recommend to use together with Mouse4all Switch app

Usage hints:
• You can select the current set of images from the "Game Sets" menu option. In the list, long click on a game set. A red star will appear on its right side. This game set will be used the next time that you start a new game.
• You can hide the hamburger menu icon on the right side of the bar at the top of the app. This is useful to avoid that players with a cognitive disability may open the menu by mistake. To hide the icon, go to Settings > Game board > Hide toolbar button. When the icon is hidden, you can still open the lateral menu sliding your finger from the left border of the tablet or smartphone.
• Enable or disable sound and voice feedback in Settings.
• A pair of cards may share the same image or use a different picture for each card. Each image may have an associated text that is used when voice feedback is on. To configure and create new pairs, select "Game Sets" menu option and choose one set. In the following screen, touch the circular orange button at the bottom right side of the app screen. This feature can also be opened from the application bar menu (icon with three dots), "Manage pairs" option.
The flexibility to define pairs enables multiple activities:
- one card shows a written word or its initial and the other card shows the associated image
- a card is used just to read out a word (a blank image is selected) and the other card shows the image
- a game set includes cards that share a color, shape, object type, etc.
- you can create game set around one topic using the broad pictogram catalogue of Arasaac: animals, sea animals, dining room objects, jobs, etc.

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