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Detective's Choice (Choices Game)
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Detective's Choice (Choices Game)

Your name is Jack Jericho. You’re a detective. But you don’t investigate cheating wives or crooked business partners. You investigate things that go bump in the night. When a beautiful blonde strolls into your office and says someone's trying to kill her, you smell danger. Too bad you need the money.

Psycho killers, the mob, and even black magic. Can you solve this mystery and live to collect your fee?

Detective's Choice is an RPG text-based adventure that will engross you in a story line while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine your fate.

Story written by William Miller.

- Super simple to learn with one thumb/finger touch control
- Life, Rage, Cool, and Money are tracked
- Score and rank at the end.
- Accessible to blind users

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