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Star Warrior Run
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Star Warrior Run

Star Warrior Run

When star warriors get in trouble, they need to outrun their enemies. Take control of one of these warriors and start running away from the enemy ship.

Be careful though, warrior! On the path you will encounter deadly obstacles that will pose an iminent danger. But there are rewards to be earned as well.

Run as far as you can and fulfill all objectives. Collect coins, golden idols and power-ups. Unlock outfits with special abilities and upgrade power-ups. Avoid obstacles and get the highest score possible!

Controls Touch
Swipe left or right to turn.
Swipe up to jump.
Swipe down to slide.
Tilt left or right to collect the coins.
Fill up the coin meter to charge an ability of an outfit.

Controls Keyboard
2 or navigation key up – jump in game or up in menu
8 or navigation key down – slide in game or down in menu
4 or navigation key left – left in game or in menu
6 or navigation key right – right in game or in menu
5 or central navigation key – select in game or in menu
Press 4 or 6 twice to turn left or right
Left soft key – select, turn sound on/off in main menu
Right soft key – quit in main menu, back, pause in game

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