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Klee: Spacetime Cleaners
Noice2D Game Studio - Arcade


Usia 3+


Klee: Spacetime Cleaners

Travel through spacetime to defeat monsters with energy anomaly and reclaim the all-important energy cores to defuse the intergalactic energy crisis!
The Klee: Spacetime Cleaners crew is recruiting!

* Fast, smooth gaming experience
Intuitive 3-button controls coupled with a fast-paced gaming experience provides you with exhilarating action!

* Automated firing for lightning-quick action
When monsters are within shooting range, they will be met with automatic aiming and firing! No more flustering as you evade and attack at the same time!

* Wide range of props and weaponry
The thrift prop stores offer fantastic bargains for intergalactic travelers! Shop until you drop!

* Unlockable characters
Each character has a unique prop!

* 2 Game Modes: Chapter Challenge / Infinity Mode
Chapter Challenge: Each chapter features a unique level design and monsters, including exciting boss battles.
Infinity Mode: Push your limit with the scoring mode, the last one standing is the winner!

* Randomly generated levels and monsters
Each game offers a new experience, bringing you endless fun!

Other information:
- The game contains third-party advertisements, a one-time in-app-purchase will remove the advertisements.
- The game contains diamonds that can be freely collected by playing. Purchasing the app to remove the advertisements will give you additional diamonds.

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