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Lucid Adventure

Hardcore Leveling Warriror, the former #1 Ranker who suddenly lost all his power and items. Gather up with awakened heroes, save Lucid Adventure from nightmares and regain #1 Rank! Stylish Action, Easy Control and Addictive Storylines Await You!

Story Mode, Find Out the Truth Behind Lucid Adventure
- Explore the Greates Fantasy World, Experience Amazing Quests and Storylines!

Variety of Unique Characters
- Side-Scrolling Battle with Adorable Super-Deformed Characters

Limit Break! 'Awakening'
- Unleash powerful skills and special outlook of Awakened Heroes!

Become a Ranker!, PvP Arena
- Attack! Defend! Battle and achieve honorable Hall of Fame!

Bonus Stats, Supporters
- Setup the supporting party with extra heroes and boost status for main party!

Defend Ambush
- Fight against the randomly appearing nightmares and receive bonus rewards!

Tribute to Dark's Village, 'God's Relic'
- Receive idlely generated resources and upgrade relics to power up the heroes!

Play Together, 'Guild'
- Play Boss Raid with guild memebers! Also gain bonus APs from members' campfires!

Variety of Contents
- Play through Skygarden, Material Dungeon, Soulstone Dungeon and more!

[App Permissions]
Lucid Adventure does not request any special app permissions to access.

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